Zoning Board of Adjustments

The Zoning Board of Adjustments meets the third Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m., as business warrants, in the Municipal Building. Established by the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 44, the Zoning Board’s purpose is to enforce the city’s zoning codes as set forth in the Code of Ordinances. Members shall be appointed to a term of three years by the City Board of Directors.  Expired members will continue to serve with full authorities until reappointed or replaced.

NameTerm Expires
Mr. Dan ShortridgeJuly 12, 2019
Mrs. Jonna LooneySeptember 27, 2019
Mr. Roy Pruett, ChairSeptember 27, 2019
Mr. Gary BoyceSeptember 27, 2019
Mr. William "Bill" NaborsSeptember 27, 2019
Support StaffPosition
Colin ClineCity Attorney
Mr. Tony WagnerCity Engineer
Mrs. Bobbi KerseyCity Clerk