Comprehensive Plan

The City of Bluefield is actively working to complete its 2017 Comprehensive Plan. You may ask "why is the city spending time developing another plan?" Primarily, West Virginia State Code requires a community to approve a comprehensive plan every ten years. However, more importantly, the community has had a lot of ideas shared, studies paid for, and planning sessions held the past twenty years. It is time to put all the ideas and plans into one comprehensive document to guide city leadership, entice investors (both local and from outside Bluefield), and create a common vision for our community.  

This plan is being formed by the planning commission utilizing the public input given in public meetings. Should you have any questions, please call the City Manager's Office.

City Code of Ordinances

Read through the Code of Ordinances here.

State Code Reference

Chapter 8A: Land Use Planning


What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

Areas of Focus in a Comprehensive Plan

Previous Plans

Blueprint Communities Plan

Blue Momentum Economic Development Plan

Design Revival 24 Master Plan

Colonial Intermodal Project/Roundhouse Square Master Plan

Colonial Intermodal Project/Roundhouse Square Board Briefing

Colonial Intermodal Project/Roundhouse Square Property Appraisal Report

1996 Land Use Plan, the Land Use Maps, the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, and Neighborhood Maps

2002 Strategic Plan for City of Bluefield

2005-2010 Economic Development Strategic Plan

Freight Station Proposals by Bluefield State College Document #1 and Document #2

Municipal Auditorium Redesign Plan and Drawings by Hill Studio

1990 Master Design Plan for Bluefield by Hill Studio

2005 Recreational Trails Program

Downtown Merchants Association Plan for Economic Development

Downtown Merchants Association Economic Development Director Suggestions

2002 First Impressions Plan for City of Bluefield

South Bluefield Neighborhood Association Economic Development Plan

1960 City of Bluefield Masterplan and Maps

Downtown Historic District Design Guidelines

1974 City of Bluefield Comprehensive Plan and Maps

2009 Ultra High Speed Broadband Project Overview, Presentation, and Map of Fiber Lines