Best of Bluefield Awards

This award will be given to a property owner in Bluefield, West Virginia that maintains their property in a distinct and pristine manner.  The property owners will be selected by a group of city officials and designees who actively patrol the neighborhoods in Bluefield.  Property owners who improve properties, invest in landscaping, and work to better their neighborhoods are the ideal candidates.  The winning property owner will be notified by city officials that they have been selected for the award.  Residents will be featured during the board of directors meeting and will be given a certificate of appreciation.  Individuals that have received this award are:

May 2015 - Janet Williams of Powell Street
June 2015 - Robert and Ginger Myers of Walters Street
September 2015 - Colin and Mary Gillespie and Jim Hamm of Highland Avenue
February 2016 - Christina Dillard of Franklin Street