The Treasury Department is a staff of 2 full-time financial assistants and 1 full-time cashier. The department is directed by the Treasurer, who is appointed by the Board of Directors. 

All revenue and expenses for the City of Bluefield flow through the Treasury Department. The Treasurer is responsible for the City Budget and for assuring that all financial activity meets state code guidelines and audit requirements.

City of Bluefield Budget

The annual city budget is developed and approved by the Bluefield Board of Directors and submitted to the WV State Auditor in March each year. The new budget becomes effective July 1 and is subject to revision throughout the year, which ends June 30. The City of Bluefield budgets can be viewed, along with any revisions, on the WV State Auditor website.

City of Bluefield Audit

Presently, the WV state Auditor conducts an annual audit for the City of Bluefield which includes the Bluefield Area Transit, as well as the Bluefield Sanitary Board as a component unit. The City of Bluefield Audits can be viewed on the WV State Auditor website

City Fees

The City of Bluefield Treasury Department sends out bills for various services monthly, quarterly and annually. We accept VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express® -- making it easier than ever to make payments for fees and services.  Fees are determined per parcel of land as identified by the Mercer County Assessor's Office.  For questions on fees, please call 304.327.2401 ext. 2411.

Fire Protection Fee
This fee is charged based on the square footage of structures.

Street Fee
This fee is used street paving and maintenance.

Garbage Fee
This fee is for garbage removal.

Business and Occupation Tax

Business and Occupation Tax
There are different charges based on the City's B&O Schedule. New businesses are eligible for a discount. B&O is due on a quarterly basis.  Quarters run:

1st Quarter: January 1 - March 31
2nd Quarter: April 1 - June 30
3rd Quarter: July 1 - September 30
4th Quarter: October 1 - December 31

For questions or information on the discount, please call 304.327.2401 ext. 2416.

Miscellaneous Fees   

Commercial Garbage Service
Billed monthly, we offer very competitive service based on a business's needs.

Parking Fee
The city has various types of parking facilities for public use at different rates.

Special Trash Pick-Up
Residents must make prior arrangements for special trash pick-ups. A deposit of $15.00, which is applied to the final bill, is required when you place the order. Telephone orders are accepted if you want to pay the deposit with a credit card. Otherwise, you must come to City Hall to place the order and pay the deposit. Charges are based on the size/amount of trash being hauled away.

For more information on miscellaneous fees, please call 304.327.2401 ext. 2411.