All-Together-Arts Week

Experience a week in the life of the arts in Mercer County! From gallery hops, concerts, art shows and poetry readings to healing arts forums, networking and the beloved Grand Finale Parade & Day of Merriment, discover what our vibrant arts scene has to offer! This week is all about celebrating, showcasing and uniting the creative arts activity in Mercer County & beyond. What follows is the preliminary schedule. If you have an event you'd like for us to include, please shout out!

All Together Arts Week 2016

Saturday, May 7
1pm- Kick-Off Circle Talk - Bluefield Area Arts & Science Center
10am-5pm- Creative Day Honoring Woman @ Blue Mountain Mercantile
7pm- Live Music at Mountain Man Music Hall - Matoaka City Hall
9pm- Live Music- Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns at The Railyard
9pm- Live Music at Sam’s, Princeton

Sunday, May 8
1pm- Appalachin Penwork's Poetry in the Park @ Princeton Town Square
3pm - Moscow Ballet Presents “Sleeping Beauty” @ Chuck Mathena Center

Monday, May 9
6:30pm- Bluefield Shag Society Weekly Dance @ The Ballroom of the Bluefield Elks
7pm- Open Stage Night @ The Room Upstairs in The RiffRaff Arts Collective

Tuesday, May 10
4:15- Reader’s Theater @ Craft Memorial Library
7pm- Craft Night and Parade Preparation! @ The RiffRaff Arts Collective

Wednesday, May 11
10am- Fine Oil Painting Workshop @ Chuck Mathena Center
11am- Lunch Bunch @ Bluefield Yarn Company
6pm- Windhorse Healing Arts Association Poetry & Healing Arts Night @ Local Mo'Joe

Thursday, May 12
11am - Adult Coloring Time @ Craft Memorial Library
5pm - Gallery Hop! - Princeton- **Find a detailed itinerary at the bottom of this page!
6pm- Stitch Night @ Bluefield Yarn Company
7:30- Blfd. Youth Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast @ Harman Chapel, Bluefield College

Friday, May 13
5pm - Gallery Hop! Bluefield - **Find a detailed itinerary at the bottom of this page!
6:30pm- Live Music @ The Corner Shop, Bramwell
7pm- Open Mic @ Mountain Man Music in Matoaka City Hall
7:30- Blfd. Youth Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast @ Harman Chapel, Bluefield College
8pm- Live Music- The Change @ The Railyard

Saturday, May 14
10am- Craft Quilters @ Craft Memorial Library
11am- GRAND FINALE PARADE AND DAY OF MERRIMENT! @ Mercer Street, Princeton
12pm- Adult Coloring Cafe @ Princeton Public Library
9pm- Live Music- $5 Shake at The Railyard
8pm- Live Music @ Sam’s - Princeton
7pm- Live Music @ Mountain Man Music in Matoaka City Hall
7:30pm - Blfd. Youth Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast @ Harman Chapel, Bluefield College

Gallery Hop Itineraries:

Thursday , May 12th:

5pm- Chuck Mathena Center, Princeton- PARK HERE.

5:30- Gallery of Wanda Murphy, Athens Road, Princeton

6:15- Frameworks Plus- 234 Expert Circle (right off 460, Princeton)

7pm- Murals Tour Around Princeton 

7:20- Downtown Princeton- Associated Photography, Sly Fox, RiffRaff, Gary Bowling’s House of Art, Diamonds & Gold Look, Dayfly Books & Collectibles and Local Mo’Joe.

9pm- Return to CMC

Friday, May 13

5pm- Only One Look 130 Princeton Avenue, Bluefield- PARK HERE.

5:20- Blue Mountain Mercantile - 320 Federal St.

5:30- Bluefield Yarn Company 313 Federal St.

5:40- The Ugly Ducking - 301 Federal St.

5:50- Murals, Trains and Commerce Street Tour

6:05- Bluefield Area Arts and Science Center

6:35- Bluefield College

7:00- The Corner Shop, Bramwell

9pm- Drop Off at The Railyard, Bluefield

Phone calls are welcome for any inquiries. 304-320-8833


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